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(Untitled) Tee Shirt - BLACK

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Barbara Kruger has been employing media effects and strategies to create her own political and social messages around consumerism, mass media, and feminism on billboards, buses, newspapers, buildings, and parks for the past four decades. Her instantly recognizable—and frequently appropriated—visual style of delivering highly charged, terse phrases in white Futura Bold font over red blocks has radiated its influence on other visual artists, graphic design, mass media, and high fashion streetwear.

For the Performa 17 Biennial, Kruger broadcasted messages engaging issues of and ideas about power, desire, adoration, contempt, and capital all over New York City: on a billboard in Chelsea, on MetroCards distributed across four subway stations, on a yellow school bus, in a storefront shop in SoHo, and in one of New York’s most popular skate park underneath the Manhattan Bridge.

Proceeds from the sale of this tee support PERFORMA.